Friday, July 08, 2005
Profile: DeepSpace5

Welcome to our first Profile/Resource. We will be doing this weekly for a group or artist. This week we're following up our review with some resources to hear more of DeepSpace5 and find out who they are.

Official Site:
Once inside this site, You can find the navigation by rolling your mouse over the group name in the upper right hand corner. There are 2 exclusive tracks on the media page that can be downloaded. These were recorded at the same time Unique... was recorded. They are both production gems by Beat Rabbi. There is also news and tour information for all the artists in DeepSpace5

Beat Rabbi: You can go to and listen to a preview off of his upcoming album on Illect Recordings entitled DeepSpace5oul. The song is played on the illamp.

Dust: myspace page blackDust Blacksoil Project remix

Fred B: myspace page

Listener: myspace page

Manchild: myspace page


Sev Statik: myspace page

Sintax The Terrific:
Several tracks can be heard on the illamp at

Sivion: myspace page

Manwell?: DeepSpace 5 Bio Page
Manwell did the scratchs on Unique... . He also has done scratches on John Reuben's 3 early albums. Manwell may be puting out an album of his own soon...


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