Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Review: DeepSpace5 - Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

Review by Daniel C. Warshaw

Starting off strong with the crew track, Talk Music, DeepSpace5’s 2005 album, Unique, Like Everyone Else, bumps in your ears from the first verse to the last, and every verse in between. Seriously; There isn’t a single weak verse on the CD. If this album is anything, it’s a fitting demonstration of the skills and styles of each of DS5’s members.

The tracks are consistently tight as well, with the dominant flavor of acoustic drums and samples of real instruments rather than synth sounds. The majority of these are courtesy of Dust, standing out particularly on Embrace, Axe to Grind, and The Last One. His style blends seamlessly, however, with Beat Rabbi in the transition from Embrace to Mechanical Advantage, arguably one of the most intense tracks on the disc. Several of the tracks are graced by the turntable hijinx of Manwell?’s expert DJ style.

Now’s a good time to get the few gripes out of the way, and these are essentially tracks that wouldn’t be missed, had they been left off: Truth be Told leaves the listener wishing the track had been done over. The flapping-window-shade percussion sounds too much like Citizen King’s annoying Better Days from the late 90’s. The droning monotony of They Say detracts a bit too much from the otherwise sweet rhymes for someone to really enjoy it. Finally, One for the Road talks about the doldrums of touring and is so sleepy that nobody should listen to it while on the road themselves!

With the fake funk out of the way, here are some of the particulars that make this album worth the coin: Sivion. This guy’s fantastic, and probably the best emcee on the disc. His rhyme style is distinctive without trying too hard. His verses on The Last One and Last Ditch Effort are perfect examples of his lyrical, rhythmic, and rhyming skill, with quirky passages wrapped into intricate phrasing. Other verbal treats come from Playdough, Listener, and Manchild. Even with such standout rappers another of this album’s strengths is the equal space each emcee seems to get on most of the tracks while still forming songs with coherent themes.

Give this CD one listen and enjoy the freshness of a complete Hip-Hop album with strong musical tracks. Listen to it a few more times and experience the depth of talent privy to DeepSpace5 and few other crews.


Blogger ploafmaster said...

Okay...so the first review has some errata...

Apparently (and most welcome) Sivion himself read the review and made some comments to Patrick.

I made a mistake by attributing a verse to Sivion in Mechanical Advantage - he said that he wasn't on that track at all. Patrick informed me that he may not have been on Axe to Grind either...

No, I definately didn't have Sivion confused with Listener (their voices alone are different enough), but I think I'll attribute my mistake (and any others that may be pointed out) to the following:

1. This is my first album review
2. I was listening to the disc while writing the review, and may have crossed some titles with what I was hearing - I'll work on that :-)

Bottom line: I thought Sivion's rapping was the most innovative on the CD.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous brh said...

just picked up the cd yesterday. it's definitely a classic. it's a shame that unless you wear a white t-shirt or you're affiliated with 50 Cent or Def Jam, the program directors at the radio station don't show you any love. thank God for college radio, where real music lives.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous jon said...

aight daniel, now i can see perhaps why your sivion beat comments were as they were--we simply have different tastes in beats

in fact "truth be told" and "they say" are my favorite beats on the album.

funny stuff.


10:45 AM  
Anonymous Daniel Folkes said...

i started off listening to john reuben and i enjoyed his stuff but i eventually wanted something with more beat. deepspace has become my most favorite. BoogieRoot is a close second in the gospel rap sector, it is a bit too dancable and clubby for me though. i love playing deepspace as loud as possible in richmond's fan. i cant wait till deepspace5oul comes out. This is a very cool looking site(props to patrick i supose), maybe you can review boogieroot or any of the crossmovement stuff or a dude names Lecray (he is real good). ok have a good day.

P.S. - I work at Logos Bookstore in Richmond.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Tanner & Emily said...

Nice review. I love this record. I do really enjoy Sivion, a definite plus to a crew I thought had been completed. Although I was a little disappointed in a few of his rhymes on a couple songs....I can't think of the exact titles, but overall Great Performace. On a positive note, Manchild brought it as usual. Definitely the top notch of the crew. Intellectually rhymes, Sintax reigns supreme, also with an improved flow makes for a great taste. I was a little disappointed with a few verses Playdough and Sev Statik spit, but they also have their moments to shine. Freddie B brought it, and overall DeepSpaceDallas is a forced to be reckoned. Listener made a much improved impression on me since a dissatisfied taste in Whispermoon. His evolved style brought a wittiness and fun to a thought provoking album that makes a well-rounded taste. Dust and Beat Rabbi create music that sings along with the accompaning vocals. Overall, I love this record.

6:57 PM  

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