Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Review: Playdough - Don't Drink The Water

Review by Daniel C. Warshaw

Playdough greets the listener at the opening of 2005’s Don’t Drink the Water both literally and musically on the track Up to Date. With lyrics that question the mainstream rap scene, the excellent beats keep heads bobbing all the way to the disc’s closer, Daisy Proof.

The verbal delivery on this CD is incredible, particularly evident on the short song, Huh!, with a simple track to accentuate Playdough’s mighty rapping. Continuing with perfectly syncopated rhythms that seem to throw forth the words, Dang!, Saddle Up, and the dramatic title track, Don’t Drink the Water leave nothing but satisfaction. Raps meet pleasant vocals on the Kevin Max collaboration, Sandal Sole, a fairly pop-friendly song that sill comes with a fantastic beat and verses.

The beats don’t come close to disappointing either with Don’t Drink the Water’s adventurous beat reminiscent of a classic movie sound track. Up to Date makes the hot list in this category as well with static-laced guitar sounds over delicious percussion. Beat Rabbi’s artful production work on Saddle Up blends natural drum sounds with an airy string sample.

While Don’t Drink the Water is mostly an audio delight, there are a few minor snags worth mentioning: The beat on Ghetto Blaster ends up sounding a bit boring and crowded; too many layered noises that repeat throughout the song start to sound grating after repeated listenings. Emergency Broadcast comes up a bit short as well with a cheesy hard-rock beat that sounds like it wants to be P-Diddy’s rock remix of All About the Benjamins.

Play-Doug-H delivers on Don’t Drink the Water with an album full of sweet tracks. Pointed lyrics, infectious beats, and fresh rap skills provide plenty of reasons to head out and grab this disc.


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